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Reer Bath tub Premium(V)


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Bathing your baby is easy, safe, comfortable and convenient with Reer bathtub. Its easy flow design makes it easy to use it from birth to 24+ months.

The Reer Bath cradles infants in a reclining position, all the while supporting their back, legs and arms.

A soft baby towel can be used to cushion baby in the reclining position if the bath is initially too large for your newborn baby.

A toddler can sit unassisted.

The contoured tub supports a baby's back, legs and  prevents your toddler from slipping into the water.

The extra-large size of the Reer Bath provides plenty of room for your baby to safely bathe and play and allows for enough water to keep your baby warm.

The Reer Bath also features a plug for easy draining and a smooth easy-to-clean back surface for soap, shampoo or other accessories.

Need to save storage space? Simply loop a plastic tie 

Features two washing positions – infant (0 - 6 months) and toddler (6 - 24 months)
Infants are supported under the arms and between the legs with contoured safety stoppers that prevent them from slipping under water

Built-in drain and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface for soap, shampoo, sponges or other accessories
Easy-to-clean, recyclable polypropylene plastic construction.

EU guidelines compliance

Origin: Thailand



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