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Lovi training cup 150 ml Marine Red


LOVI training Cup Marine

The little training cup that is just right for little baby.

  • The spout dribbles liquid without any effort in to a baby’s mouth.
  • Enables transition from bottle to independent drinking.
  • Soft spout for teething gums. 
  • The spout can be covered with hood for hygiene.
  • The cup comes with removable handles that are easy to grip.
  • BPA free.

Design and Function

The training cup is best for weaning babies. A baby sometimes does not understand where to suck. The baby cup dribbles liquid in small amounts so a baby understands where to look for the juice or water. The spout controls the flow so the baby does not choke on the liquid. The wide mouth of the cup is helpful in cleaning and refilling the cup. The training cup is just the right size for your little baby.


The cup is BPA Free and is made of sturdy plastic that does not break easily. Closing the spout with hood cuts off the liquid and is great for traveling.


Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically designed cup comes with easily removable handles for grip.

Efficient: Spout controls the amount of liquid to prevent baby from choking.

First Drinking: Teaches baby to look for liquid in a cup. Best for baby’s gums and first teeth

Sturdy: Does not break easily even when chewed by the baby.

Hygiene: Comes with hood to keep the spout clean.

Compatible: Seamless transition from bottles and then on to lovi non spill cups. 


Technical Details:

Material:  Cup, Cap, Cover and Handles: PP 

Manufactured: Poland

Origin:  Thailand



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