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Lilsoft Feeding BOTTLE 3 OZ 0+ Pink


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Lilsoft teat makes combining with breastfeeding easy because of natural shape, structure and function. Lilsoft wide neck bottles make best bottles for breastfed baby. 

Breastmilk can be safely stored in sterilized Lilsoft bottles for 48 hours in a refrigerator (not in the door) and for 3 months in the freezer. The breastfeeding bottles can be directly thawed in a warmer while preparing frozen breastmilk feed. The baby feeding bottle can be easily used to heat breastmilk, formula or baby food in a warmer. 

The contoured milk bottle is smooth & streamlined for correct grip.

The bottle allows feeding of multiple liquids either as a bottle or as a cup because of versatile bottle design.

Baby Grows with one bottle system: Spouts, handles can be used with bottle so the bottle converts to trainer(Stage2) and then into non spill(Stage3). It makes life easier and comfortable for toddlers because of the seamless transition. 

Technical Details

Material: Polypropylene

Dimensions: 19X25X16.50 Cm

Package Contents: 1X Bottle, 1X Screw ring Cap, 1X Hood/Cup, 1X Teat

Origin: Made in Thailand



Type: Baby Bottle

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