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Lovi Electric Breast Pump Prolactis


The Quiet and Portable Electric Breast Pump Prolactis

The LOVI electric breast pump, Prolactis has two phase breastmilk expression; massage or stimulation and expression. Gentle massage and stimulation ensures painless breastmilk expression. The massage stimulates your breast for milk let down without much effort.

There are five medically calibrated power levels to adjust the pump to your needs. Calibration is important so unregulated suction power does not hurt breast tissue.

In an electric breast pump following the correct rhythm (active suckling reflex), the funnel shape and size are more important than the suction power of a breast pump in emptying breast milk.

Correct funnel size with massaging cushion helps maximum milk expression.In medical studies in Polish hospitals, it has been established that LOVI breast pump is the correct solution in combining pumping and long term breast feeding.

The 2 phase electric breast pump can run on electricity and batteries.
It can convert to a lighter, quieter and portable manual breast pump.
It has date, alarm and memory for your convenience.
The breast pump comes in a durable, easy to clean carry on case.
All the components of the breast pump are BPA Free.

Comfortable Expressing of Breastmilk: Calibrated 5 levels for individual comfort.
2 Phase: Stimulation and Expression.
Efficient: Can be used with cord, batteries, and manually.
Hygiene: Easy to assemble and clean.
Safe: All components are BPA Free.

Technical Details:

Max Suction: 37 K.p.a

Specifications: Bottle : Co-Polyester, PP, TPE, Silicone
Breast Pump Prolactis: ABS, PP, Silicone

Country Of Manufacture: Taiwan

Country Origin: Thailand



Type: Breast Pump

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