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Reasons for labour pain during childbirth

February 22, 2018

Reasons for labour pain during childbirth

    Labour pain during childbirth is supposedly the severest of pains experienced by women. A human body can bear up to 47 Del of pain. Yet at the time of childbirth a mother feels up to 57 Del of pain. This is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured. What are the reasons of the pain and how can it be managed?  
  • A woman’s pelvic shape determines the amount of pain experienced. There are four pelvic shapes, some are easier to birth with than others.
  • A woman’s birthing position. Laying on your back closes up the pelvis by up to 30% causing longer, painful labour. Other natural, active positions such as squatting or standing, have gravity on their side making childbirth faster and less painful. 
  • The baby’s head position. A baby's position during childbirth whether posterior, anterior, head flexed or in a range of other variations of a normal birthing position can have a big impact on the pain levels experienced.
  •  Waters breaking. Only 10-15% of labors begin with the amniotic sac breaking and some babies are even born inside it. When the waters break, there is no cushioning pillow of liquid to ease baby slowly down the birth canal. Instead, contractions can be more painful and intense. 
  • Mother's stress levels. Stress can induce the pain experienced. Women who are under stress, whether it be loud noises, an uncomfortable atmosphere, bright lights or repeated medical interruption often find pain even harder to deal with. Choose your doctor carefully and let him/her know your preferences. Create a soothing environment in the labor room by having family near you. 
  • Dehydration. Labor is often more painful when the mother is dehydrated. Keep yourself hydrated. 

You cannot change your body but try and reduce your stress levels.

1. Learn many methods during your pregnancy to keep you in control like rhythmic breathing. 

2. Choose your doctor carefully-doctors are wonderfully equipped with experience. Choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable asking questions and information. Convey your fears even when they seem absurd. They are real for you.

3. Relay your anxieties and concerns-bottling up these could cause stress-talk with your doctor and midwives-Be aware how they can make you comfortable beforehand so you are reassured.

4. Seek help from your medical team- ask them if you can have warm compress or a warm bath to ease pain. 

4. Keep your family nearby for support. 


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