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Everything You Need to Know About the Drinking Cups

October 06, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About the Drinking Cups

Parents have to teach a lot of things to their kids, right from the day they are born. It majorly starts with how to drink liquid from the nursing bottles, which eventually leads to drinking from a regular cup. But, before you train your baby on how to drink from a regular cup, you must introduce a sippy cup. Drinking cups or sippy cups help make the transition from nursing to bottle drinking easier for children and parents.

When it comes to purchasing a drinking or sippy cup, in the market there are plenty of designs or models available. But, it is advisable that parents should start off with a bottle that has a soft silicon spout because it feels familiar to the bottle nipple that the baby is used to. But again, there are different models available, designed as per the age of the baby.

If your baby is between the age of 4 and 6 months then you should a drinking cup that dribble. Since babies at such a small age aren’t able to suck, therefore the dribble model (also known as trainers) is more apt for them.

If your baby is between 6 and 12 months then you can go for the non-spill sippers or the straw cups. Your baby can use the straw to suck the liquid from the bottle.

If your baby is above 12 months, you can go for the wide mouth kid’s sippers. They are also known as the open 360 cups. The wide opening of these cups makes it easier to clean the inside. Hence, these cups can be used for milk as well.

So, those were the different kinds of cups available with different features for infants and babies of different ages. Drinking cups matter a lot because babies and infants are not easy to deal with. You need to show a lot of patience when it comes to teaching them how to drink. Fortunately, with the help of the right drinking cup or baby water sipper, things can get much easier for you and your baby as well.

More about choosing the drinking cup for your baby

  • Design and appeal – The benefit of having a cup with a nice design and colour set is that it attracts the baby’s attention and keeps the baby occupied. That way, they do not pay attention to what they are having and the feeding process becomes easy. Also, they might just want to drink water just to get to see the cup or the design on it. You can opt for cups that have images of cartoon characters on them.
  • Sturdy – The fact of the matter is that babies and infants are naïve and they tend to throw hands at each and everything. So, if the drinking cup is not tough and durable enough, then you might have to purchase new drinking cups every now and then. Cups made from polypropylene material are more durable.
  • Quality – When buying a drinking cup for your child you must ensure that it is leak-proof. Otherwise, the child can spill the content of the bottle when drinking. In numerous cases, people did not bother looking for a leak-proof cup and it ended up spilling all inside the diaper bag. Plus, you must also ensure the cup is able to reduce the formation of bacteria.

The aforementioned points are extremely important and everyone should remember and follow them when they go to buy a drinking cup or a baby water sipper for their infant. You can find tons of designs to choose from at the online stores.

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